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API Reference

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The Syndigo Integration APIs allow you to seamlessly send data from the EDS or ERP systems directly to the Syndigo platform. The API bypasses the manual work between the systems like entering data one-by-one or physically uploading a data file. It streamlines the data exchange between the Syndigo platform and your internal systems.

The Syndigo Integration APIs are developed using the REST principles that ensure predictable URLs and consistency. The APIs follow HTTP rules by enabling a wide range of HTTP clients, which can be used to interact with the API.

This section covers the Integration APIs, which are part of the Syndigo Platform. These APIs facilitate the integration with the backend data of the platform to update and syndicate the product data.

Key Benefits

The following are the key benefits of Syndigo Integration API:

• Streamline new item set up in the platform by bypassing the manual new item setup process
• Introduce and define new attributes
• Easily update the content without a performing step-by-step process manually
• Upload digital assets associated with the product content

API Workflow

The following screenshot depicts the API workflow for Syndigo Integration APIs:

API flow_syndigo

Targeted Audience

This guide is intended for the developers who wish to use Syndigo Integration APIs.

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