List of Endpoints
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List of Endpoints

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The application exposes various endpoints that enables you to manage the data efficiently as per the business requirement. The request and responses are in JSON format and caters to numerous variations to support most common business scenarios. The supported endpoints are tabulated below:

Natural Language for NutrientsGets detailed nutrient breakdown of any natural language text. It can be used in combination with the /search/instant endpoint to provide nutrition information for common foods./v2/natural/nutrients
Instant EndpointPopulates the search interface, including autocomplete, with common foods and branded foods from Nutritionix. This allows you to search our entire database of 600K+ foods. Once you select the food from the autocomplete interface, make a separate API request to look up the nutrients of the food./v2/search/instant
Search-Item EndpointLook for nutrition information of any branded food item by the UPC scanned from a branded grocery product or the “nix_item_id” (returned from the search/instant endpoint)./v2/search/item
Natural Language for ExerciseParse requests like "30 minutes yoga" and calculate the calories burned./v2/natural/exercise

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